Speech Enhancement
Voice as our primary wearables user interface input is here. Voice is the new touch. Please review slides 111 through 133 of Mary Meeker's annual internet report  "2016 Internet Trends Report" for more on this:

As you will have seen from the aforementioned slides, the entire mobile industry is embracing voice as the next wave of user interfaces beyond touch. The underlying Natural Language Processing engines are very mature and currently providing highly accurate results when fed a clean voice signal.

However, in order to get to >95% speech recognition accuracy rates, NLP engines need cleaner data. What the industry is looking for is a way to provide a clean voice signal (free of all ambient noise) to the Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) engine. The key concept here is extracting a clean voice signal in very noisy environments, the very environments we live and work in each day.

The company that provides an all digital speech enhancement integrated circuit solution sitting between the user's microphone and providing a clean voice signal to the ASR system stands to potentially ship hundreds of millions of units as voice becomes the de facto user interface standards for all mobile devices: smart phones, smart watches, and head worn wearables. I have written a summary of which company I believe that will be at the following Seeking Alpha link:

Kopin's Whisper Chip: Positioned To Enable Flawless Voice User Interfaces For Millions Of Users Globally