I have been a wearable technology advocate since 2005 when I first discovered Kopin Corporation and their unique micro display technology. I initiated an investment in Kopin at that time which I added to modestly over the next few years. The early use cases for micro displays at that point were focused on personal media viewing and I purchased a couple of devices from the now defunct MyVu corporation. It appeared that the niche personal media viewing segment could drive material revenue growth for Kopin.

However, with the advent of the cloud and rapid miniaturization of electronic componentry driven by wide smart phone adoption, we have entered the Wearables Era in earnest. The Wearables Era will equip us with more information than we have ever had to better manage our activities and improve our lives. Given the much larger target  market emerging for head worn devices in the Wearables Era, I have aggressively added to my position in Kopin as I believe they will benefit disproportionately. As a result, you will find a bias towards Kopin and their customers on this site - with supporting evidence.

The Wearables Era means the concept of a mobile computer we hold in our hands (smartphone) will evolve to a mobile computing device wear on our head to interact with and manipulate information. The Wearables Era means we gain super powers - humans become more powerful.

​Full disclosure: I am Long Kopin.

Having said all of that, please enjoy your visit and I hope the information contained herein provides value to you.​


Derrick Zierler
Founder of The Wearables Era

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